Amy for ANC

About Me

I am a candidate for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner in Ward 4D, Single Member District 06.

The election is November 8 - vote for President and vote for me!

About Me

I'm a wife, mother and communications professional, and I want to raise the voices of residents in my Petworth community on matters of importance. 

Why should you vote for me on November 8? 

  • I am resourceful: Through my policy, political and communications experience, I will help you navigate the complexity that is DC government sometimes by arming you with information to handle issues and sometimes by testifying on your behalf. 
  • I am reliable: I will show up for our community at meetings, be accessible and do what I say I'm going to do.
  • l am a connector: I will listen to the needs of our community and reflect them back to the government and other stakeholders, from real estate developers to community organizations to MPD to the snow removal crew.
  • I am a convener: I will host meet-and-greets quarterly as well as gatherings in Sherman Circle, providing regular opportunities for conversation and support.
  • I am forward-looking: I will keep an eye on trends affecting other areas to prepare for what's next in our community especially on crime, educational and community initiatives, and housing. I'll also look for what's not there do we have opportunities to bring more business to Georgia Avenue, for instance?  

I've had two decades of work experience to prepare me for this community role, including interning in DC Mayor Anthony Williams' administration, organizing citywide and community events, facilitating state economic development, liaising with multiple stakeholders on nationwide policy issues, and creating opportunities for international cultural exchange. 

I love to travel with my family, I enjoy sports and have been to 28 of the 30 active Major League Baseball ballparks, and I stay fit at CrossFit Petworth. 

Me, Hazel and Ryan


At CrossFit Petworth